The Importance of Signing and Framing Artwork

Beginning at the end…

Let me start at the end of a painting, or any artwork for that matter. What do artists do once they complete a piece of art? They sign it! This seems like such a little thing, but it has a lot of meaning. At least it does to us at Able Heart Studio. We work with adult artists with special needs and abilities.

Why we try to be consistent with signing...

Finally putting a name on the art, after all the mess and thought and effort that goes into it, signifies an end point to their work. It puts them in charge of when that is. They decide when they are satisfied with it. They decide when their work is done. They are responsible for that choice. By following their lead, we are letting them know that we trust their decision and that their choice is valid. We respect their decisions and choices and therefore respect them as artists. And as artists, they should be finishing off their work the proper way.

The magic of framing...

We get so excited when we frame the artwork. There are audible gasps when we mat and frame the pieces. A frame will take something like an ordinary scribble and turn it into a modern art masterpiece. We have artists with all kinds of abilities and all levels of skill and each of them has some artwork that deserves to be hung on a wall and seen by everyone. It is really an amazing thing. Our students love to see their art on our gallery wall and it’s another way to show them their art is worth it!

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Why do we insist on doing these small things?

It is just a matter of showing respect. We are trying to bring to the attention of the public the talent of these artists. By treating the artwork the way it should be treated, we are showing the artist that we value their hard work, their choices, and even their "happy accidents." By presenting their work properly in public, we hope to show that they should be taken seriously as artists and that their art is worth a second look.